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Information about the Raad van Arbitrage in bouwgeschillen

(Arbitration Board for the Building Industry)


Almost all information on this website is in Dutch, however the Arbitration Rules (version of January 14, 2019, as well as older versions) are available in English on this website.

Whether a dispute involves the construction of an underwater road tunnel, the completion of a home or the technical installation of a commercial building, if parties in the construction industry cannot agree, they will often opt for the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry (RvA) to adjudicate. RvA arbitrators heard some 600 construction disputes in 2019.
Incorporated in 1907, the RvA is an independent foundation employing more than 100 arbitrators. RvA arbitrators (expert-members) are selected primarily based on their track record in the construction industry. Virtually all lawyer-members are judges or former judges. Hearings are generally held near the building site involved, allowing arbitrators to immediately inspect the technical points of dispute if necessary.

Why the RvA in national and international construction disputes?

The unique combination of technical and legal expertise in construction present at the RvA ensures that construction disputes – compared to ordinary courts that appoint external construction experts – are handled quickly, efficiently and at reasonable cost. RvA awards have the same legal force as judgments rendered by ordinary courts.
The expert-members mostly also possess international experience with construction projects, while the lawyer-members are familiar with the application of foreign law. The Arbitration Rules are available in English on this website. In addition to the Rules and in consultation with the RvA, the parties may make arrangements to provide for special conditions of international arbitration, such as the method of appointing arbitrators, language, applicable law, dissenting opinion, and whether or not the award will be published.

Costs of arbitration with the RvA

The RvA requires a deposit when a dispute is brought. The deposit is intended solely as security for the RvA. The amount of the deposit and the costs of arbitration are determined by the principal amount of the claim in accordance with the guidelines of the . The RvA deducts its costs from the deposit when invoicing the dispute.

Cost examples

The maximum cost of a dispute involving an interest of € 35,000 is € 4,750 inclusive of VAT. The maximum cost of a dispute involving an interest between € 50,000 and € 100,000 is € 7,500 inclusive of VAT.
For an interest of € 100,000 or more the actual costs will be charged.  A deposit of € 10,000 is required for an interest of € 100,000 till € 250,000 and a sum of € 20,000 is required for an interest of € 250,000 or more.

More information: +31 (0)30-2343222 (M. Niesen, Deputy Director)

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Arbitration Rules 14 January 2019 (Regl.)
Arbitration Rules 15 February 2016 (Regl.)
Arbitration Rules 27 mei 2006 (Regl.)